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Interviewing for Success - Finding the "Right" Person - Book 1"

Interviewing job candidates can be a challenging and frustrating task. However, it is one of the most crucial tasks of your job. Hiring the right people to staff your company is very important to the success of your company. Hiring the wrong people will cost your company valuable time and money.

The task of interviewing can be made more effective once you know the keys to successful interviewing. Also, having the right tools in your toolbox can greatly improve your success rate of hiring the right person.

This resource provides the tools to help you:

   Develop an effective interviewing plan.
   Evaluate your employment application.
   Save time and be more efficient when reviewing resumes.
   Conduct effective telephone interviews.
   Conduct effective face-to-face interviews.

This resource provides the following samples:

   Interviewing policy.
   Employment application.
   Resume/employment application review worksheets for
    several different types of jobs.
   Telephone screen worksheet.
   Telephone questionnaire worksheet.
   Candidate interview evaluation form.
   Sample candidate rejection letter.
Interviewing for Success - Finding the "Right" Person - Book 2"

The task of interviewing job candidates contains many hidden pitfalls. Mistakes that are made during the interviewing process can cost your company valuable time and money. It is very important not to unlawfully discriminate against job candidates during the interviewing process. Even accidental discrimination can put your company at risk.

Experienced interviewers can make a costly mistake without proper preparation. The key to effective interviewing is the preparation. Reviewing mistakes that others have made during the interviewing process can teach you valuable lessons about what NOT to do.

This resource provides information about the following interviewing topics:

  Interviewing without discrimination.

  Common interviewing mistakes.

  Americans with Disabilities Act interviewing

  Questions not to ask during an interview.

  Sample interview questions.
"How Are Your Employees Performing? Employee Performance Appraisals - Book 1"

Why do supervisors dislike giving employee performance appraisals so much? The answer lies in the understanding of what an effective employee performance appraisal program consists of:

 Employee performance appraisal program overview.

  Developing the employee performance appraisal measurement 

  Establishing the employee performance appraisal process

  Conducting the employee performance appraisal meeting.

This resource provides the framework and roadmap to develop an employee performance appraisal program or to review a current program. A self-assessment worksheet and a performance improvement plan agreement are included. A sample employee performance appraisal policy is also part of this resource.
"How Are Your Employees Performing?
Employee Performance Appraisals - Book 2"

This book builds upon the framework and roadmap introduced in "How Are Your Employees Performing? Employee Performance Appraisals - Book 1"

Book 2 provides additional guidelines and resources you can use to ensure your program is successful.

Topics covered include:

  Employee performance appraisal program's legal considerations.

  Common mistakes to avoid and/or correct.

  Communication tips to make the performance appraisal meeting

  The benefits of an annual employee performance 

    appraisal audit.

  Applying information learned through scenario analysis.

  Employee performance appraisal forms and instructions for a
   variety of job types.
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About Us

"The Employee Hiring Process- Who Are You Hiring?"


If you own or manage a business, you are hiring employees or will be hiring employees as your business grows.


The costs of hiring the wrong person can be very high and long-lasting.  Correcting the negative consequences of a bad hire can take years to correct.


One of the key components of hiring the right person is to know who you are hiring before you hire him or her. 


In this book, you will learn how to:


  Understand the components of an effective hiring process.

  Develop and implement a hiring policy specifically for your


 Conduct pre-employment assessments, criminal background

    checks, reference checks, drug and alcohol testing,

    employment physical exams and job specific verifications.

  Write and present an effective job offer. 


The supplemental workbook includes:


 Written exercises for you to customize the hiring material for

    your company.

  Sample hiring policies and checklists.

  Sample hiring process forms, letters, etc.

  Quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the hiring



Bonus! All of the policies, forms, checklists and letters files are included for you to customize for your company.

The "Who Are You Hiring?" book is a printed book.  Please contact us at to purchase the book and the workbook or click on the link above.
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"Office Safety - Hidden Dangers - Book A"


Safety is Priority Number One.  Safety First.  Think Safety.  Always Work Safely.  Safety slogans like these are very common.  Companies want to provide a safe workplace for their employees. No one wants to have an accident.


When you think of workplace safety, what types of businesses do you think of?  Construction, factories, manufacturing, saw mills, logging, commercial fishing, foundries . . .  office workers.


Even though we don't normally associate safety with office workers, there are hazards and health concerns associated with working in an office environment. Serious accidents can and do occur.


In this resource, information is provided for the following office safety topics:


        Slips, Trips, and Falls.

         Office Lighting.



         Back Injury and Safe Lifting.

         Office Equipment.

        Electrical Safety.

         Chemical Safety.

        Material Handling and Storage.

         Air Quality and Ventilation.


You will learn what the hazards are, how to recognize the hazards, and how to avoid an injury.


This resource includes the following tools:


        Real-life office accident scenarios.

         The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that apply to an office.

         Office safety tips.

        Office safety checklist (audit form).

"Office Safety - Hidden Dangers - Book B"


Working in an office environment is safe, right?  You might be surprised by the number of employees that suffer an injury while working in an office.


Most office accidents are minor, but you could have a serious accident that results in time off from work.


Every office employee has responsibilities for safety.  These responsibilities include having the knowledge to identify office safety hazards and working in a manner to avoid causing an injury either to themselves or a co-employee.


In this resource information is provided for the following office safety topics.



         Emergencies in the Office.


         Office Furniture.

         Workplace Violence.

         Germs in the Office.

         Getting HitOuch!

         Bloodborne Pathogens.

        Reporting Accidents and Near Misses.

         Employee Safety Training.


You will learn what the hazards are, how to recognize the hazards, and how to avoid an injury.


This resource includes the following tools:


        Real-life accident scenario.

         Office safety tips.

        Office safety checklist (audit form).

         Sample employee safety training topic agenda.

        The components of a typical emergency action plan.

         Stress relieving exercises you can do at your desk.

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