Commitment Statements
JMT & Associates is strongly committed to providing clients with uncompromisingly professional service. Each JMT & Associates client can expect the following:
Quick Access to Consultants with the Right Answers
Clients should have access to consultants and information when they need it. Every effort is made to provide a quick response to all questions and requests for service.
Cost Saving Approach to Consulting
Consulting services should only provide what is beyond the capability of the client. Organizations are encouraged to participate in the project and provide whatever services they can, thus reducing expense and creating greater ownership of the end result.
Training and Implementation Support
Training and implementation support are a large part of the consulting responsibility. Every effort will be made to ensure effective familiarization with all aspects of the consulting work so the original project objectives can be attained.
Value Added
Upon project or contract completion, each client should feel they received more service than requested and/or paid for. It is not enough that a client feel they obtained a "good value", we want them to feel they got the "best value" possible.
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