Detailed Human Resources Services 
Human Resources Assessment
Compare current policies, procedures, and documents to requirements of state and federal regulations and good business practices.
"Rightsizing" and Outplacement
Assist with planning, selection and communications to employees. Assist those affected with resume preparation, job search and interviewing skills.
Employee Retention Programs
Analyze turnover causes and develop and implement programs targeted to key employees. Develop exit interview program.
Employee and Wage Surveys
Survey workforce from an employee relations standpoint and conduct wage comparison surveys.
Management Training
Conduct formal or informal training sessions with current and newly appointed supervisors to enhance capabilities. Topics include harassment, interviewing, evaluation, discipline, supervisory skills, etc.
Team Assessment and Development
Analyze current and potential positions with incumbents and prepare development plan as needed. Develop career succession plan for key managers.
Prepare and place ads, screen and select qualified applicants. Conduct validated profiling/testing based on specific job requirements and company culture.
OSHA / Workers' Compensation
Evaluate current practices and make recommendations. Prepare safety manual. Develop management procedures to reduce compensation costs.
Policy Manual Development
Prepare manual/handbook outlining company policies and procedures, employee behavior, and benefits available.
Complaint Investigation
Investigate employee complaints on a timely basis, review results, and recommend alternative solutions and actions as appropriate.
Employee Communications
Prepare newsletter, announcements, and notices to ensure information sharing with all employees. Design employee recognition programs.
Benefit Analysis
Conduct industry or local survey of benefits programs offered. Recommend changes as appropriate.
Job Description Development
Prepare descriptions defining the essential functions of each position, position requirements, and performance measurement. Review with each incumbent to ensure understanding of specific objectives.
Daily HR Operations
Serve as your complete off-site HR department. Fill in for incumbent HR manager/supervisor while on vacation, leave of absence, or disability.
Performance Management Programs
Prepare and implement employee evaluation objectives, measurements and documentation. Prepare tools for consistent implementation.
Human Resources Strategic Planning
Develop plan to align HR practices with business goals. Review HR budget. Utilize metrics to measure current situation and improvements.
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