Top 10 HR Check List

1. Regulatory Compliance

* Determine which Federal & State labor laws apply to your business based on your type
of business and employee size.
* Post the required Federal & State labor law posters.

2. Policies and Procedures

* Develop & implement at least the minimum required policies for your business.
* Consider developing an employee handbook.

3. Personnel Files

* Create a file for each of your employees.
* Be aware of the "documents" that are required for each employee and those that are
not permitted in the personnel file.

4. New Employee Orientation

* Determine the essential components that you need to successfully introduce new
employees to your business.
* Develop a structured format to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

5. Recruitment and Hiring

* Establish recruiting practices that are within the regulatory requirements.
* Determine if you are hiring the "right" person for the job you have open.
* Measure the return-on-investment of your recruiting dollars.

6. Employment Application

* Does your application have the appropriate disclaimers to protect your business?
* Are you asking any questions that could put your business at legal risk?

7. Training

* Develop training objectives that make sense for your business.
* Utilize programs that maximize your training investment.

8. Employee Benefits

* Is your benefit package competitive to allow you to hire and retain the top talent?
* Review your plans for the appropriate compliance issues.

9. Workers' Compensation & Safety

* Develop a safety program that is effective in reducing work-place risk and your costs.
* Manage your workers' compensation claims to minimize your expenses.
* Explore the various programs available to allow you to reduce your workers'
compensation costs.

10. Compensation

* Determine if you are offering a competitive pay package.
* Review your pay procedures to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act
* Evaluate various pay structures that fit your company.
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